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Simple wrapping papers online with Pagerr print marketplace. Get Simple wrapping paper price quotes from hundreds of printing companies and select your favorites. Or print Simple wrapping papers now with the best price with Pagerr Select!

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Wrapping papers printing done right with Pagerr. Find the ideal Simple wrapping papers for your business. We made the ordering process extra simple, and it doesn’t matter if you want to order from local printing company or somewhere with better price. Print your Simple wrapping paper fast and simple now

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Industry, which haven't changed for decades, gets a long-waited upgrade. Pagerr Select is magical software, which will find the most optimal and efficient way to get your jobs printed. By using up perfectly good leftover paper from big printing companies and get the personalization from your local print-shop, we can save natural resources, your budget and keep local jobs alive. Print with Pagerr.

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Guide for printing of Simple wrapping papers

File size

Make sure your print file has the same measurements as the product you are ordering.

CMYK color space

Colors look different on the screen and on print. In print, we use CMYK color space.

Safe margins

In print, every millimeter counts, that's why a safe margin is needed. +3mm inside and outside.

Sharp images

It's possible that good looking image comes out pixelated from the print. That's why all images should have 300dpi resolution.

Special requirements

For each product, there are some principles you need to follow. Please find the guide below.

Print ready PDF
Print-ready PDF

If you follow all the guides, you will get print-ready PDF. Make sure all the sides of the print are saved in single PDF file.


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